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Rumble Fish Masterclass


Christopher Coppola discusses why the Rumble Fish webinar. 


As a former Director’s Guild of America Independent Film Committee member, I helped create the first-ever Under the Influence evenings between a younger independent DGA filmmaker and an older DGA filmmaker who has inspired him or her.  They were held in the DGA’s beautiful main theater and with packed houses.   My uncle and I planned to do one of these evenings together about his films and their influence on me as an art film student.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen because we went into production on our films. The dates didn’t work.   Much of this webinar will be like the DGA’s Under the Influence special event evenings.  I will share how specific moments in Rumble Fish and Apocalypse Now haunted me while studying film at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Those moments became my own in my student films’ Plato’s Cave and a Waking Up.   I will discuss the difference between taking something that inspires you and making it you own or doing something as more of an homage to a master filmmaker.  They both have merit.   Below Michele Diomà and his Rebel Filmmaker manifesto explain why he asked me to do this webinar with him.  Ever since a child, Dante Alighieri was his hero.  The webinar will be shaped through a cinematic Dante Alighieri lens for three days.  How could I say no to this great idea?  He is a paisano in arms in terms of thinking out-of-the-box teaching. 

The WILD FILMMAKER ACADEMY is born. Christopher Coppola will hold the first Master Class on “Rumble Fish” directed by his uncle, the legendary Francis Ford Coppola (EXCLUSIVE)

After the great success of the co-production meetings held during the Cannes Film Festival by WILD FILMMAKER in collaboration with the 8 & Halfilm Awards, we are honored to announce a project that will surely make all those who love the art of cinema happy.


The Wild Filmmaker Academy is the first international institution dedicated to those who wrote cinema history by breaking the production and aesthetic rules.


Our workshops will be dedicated to the artists that fought against everything and everyone, listening to their own Wild souls and not to the rules imposed by the market.


Each workshop will consist of 3 intensive lessons. Inspired by Dante Alighieri, in the 3 lessons, we will delve into the ‘Hell, Purgatory and Paradise‘ that those artists faced and let cinema advance as an art form.

An in-depth study of my uncle Francis Ford Coppolas' iconic film "Rumble Fish". At the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate signed by the course teacher Christopher Coppola and the founder of the WILD FILMMAKER ACADEMY Michele Diomà.


The seminar takes place the weekend of 7/21-7/23 at 1pm pst.

Rumble Fish Master Class



Three-part Master Class with Christopher Coppola and Michele Diomà

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