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Will you give my screenplay to Francis Ford Coppola or Nicolas Cage?

No, do NOT ask me this question. 

What is Cinema Syntax?

It used to be that filmmakers kept a 35mm still camera hanging from their neck to take a sudden snapshot of life and keep their cinematic eye honed. In today’s WiFi world with smartphones, we tend to communicate more visually. The more cinematically articulate we are, the better we tell our meaningful stories around the world via the internet. This class will focus on the use of the long take where the story is told with only one continuous shot – no editing, no pausing, all in camera. Given a surprise theme/topic, you’ll consider how that topic is meaningful, how it’s personal to you, and how you can tell it cinematically. Then you’ll go out and shoot a 60-second film. Once back from filming, we will talk about your films – the clarity of your interpretation of the theme, the missed opportunities, and the "what if's." I call this, “Think It, Shoot It, Share It.” The more you practice it, the better your visual storytelling will be. Join me.

What do you provide in one on one coaching?

Were you a director for America's Most Wanted?

I offer coaching for writers, directors. producers, actors, and editors at all levels, whether you are a true beginner, a seasoned professional, or anywhere in between. My writing service is all inclusive: one fee gets you all of the steps below. So, whether you are writing a Short Film, 60-Minute Drama, 30-Minute Sitcom, Commercial, Music Video, or Webisode, let’s work together to get your project from notes on a napkin to a polished final product!

Yes I was a director for America's Most Wanted during the golden ages of the show. 


Christopher Coppola made his first films with his brother Nicolas Cage acting in them ages 8/10-11/13  Titles: The Unknown Circus, Super Boy, and Scroll of the Dragon.  Nicolas Cage mentioned them later in life on the David Letterman and Jay Leno shows. 



Christopher Coppola is a composer. He wrote an opera called Plato's Cave, and a lot of chamber music at the University of Redlands School of Music.  During that time he wrote a temp percussion/woodwind score for American Zoetrope's The Outsiders. 



Christopher Coppola wrote Black Stallion 3



Christopher Coppola's Super 16mm feature film Palmer's Pick-up was completely destroyed by negligent negative cutters.  If it wasn't for the first Spirit film-to-digital -to film machine the film would never have been completed.  Because of this, Christopher Coppola vowed only to work in the digital filmmaking arena again.



Christopher Coppola used the phrase "Film is Dead" at HD Expo in Los Angeles in 2000.  Later, the American Cinematographers Guild hired his company Plaster City to shoot a comparison between 35mm and HD.  Esteemed cinematographer Allen Daviiau shot it.  Most audience members could not see the difference.



Hollywood Reporter 2001 listed Christopher Coppola in the top ten to watch working the digital filmmaking arena. 



Xeni Jardin of Wired Magazine and the Boing Boing Blog labeled Christopher Coppola the Digivangelist and him as a guest blogger talking about the democratization of professional filmmaking through evolution to digital filmmaking. 



Christopher Coppola started PlasterCity Prods Inc, his own production company in 1999 produced and finished several feature films, television shows, and new media content. Later, he created PlasterCity Digital Post, a state-of-the-art Post-Production facility on Sunset Blvd.



Apple/Ducati hired Christopher Coppola and his companies to make a Ducati 1098 commercial shot on the Vipor camera using only FinalCutPro Suite 2.  The commercial screened in every Apple Store worldwide. 



Christopher Coppola trademarked the term "Digiflicks" in 1999 with the plans to make a slate of ultra-low budget features with prosumer digital equipment like the Canon XL1 and Montage editing stations. He made only made one of these Digiflicks called Bel Air because he was sued for creating the term, publicizing at numerous film festivals and HD panels, because another company also trademarked the term.  



Christopher Coppola directed America's Most Wanted episodes in the mid-90s. He holds the highest record of criminals caught from filmmaking work during that time.



Christopher Coppola worked for Tommy Lynch, the inventor of Tween Entertainment.  He directed numerous episodes of 100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd, The Jersey, and the Journey of Alex Mack for Nickelodeon and Disney. 

What is your cancellation policy?

You must give 24 hours before an appointment to cancel or you will be charged for your appointment.

What is your deposit for public speaking and workshops?

We charge a non-refundable $500 to secure your spot for an event and date changes. 


Can you give my film or script to Hollywood Producers?

This is not a talent agency or management company, we cannot contact Hollywood agencies on your behalf.



Will you write me a letter of recommendation?

Yes we will be offering that to our students.

Can you offer a degree from your program?

We will be offering non credit certificates which will look great on a resume.


On-line and in-person personal and workshop film screenings will be offered.



On-line table reads with actors will be offered for a fee. 



If I have an emergency and suddenly can't make a session, workshop, etc, we can reschedule or money can be refunded.


If we have to cancel a session, workshop, public appearance  we can reschedule or have deposits refunded


In the future I will be taking film submissions to be shared on this website

Please submit your films for review by sending them to:

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