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Think It, Shoot It, Share It Workshop


This is a 3-day lecture with the One-Minute Shot project.


It used to be that filmmakers kept a 35mm camera hanging from their neck to take snapshots of life and keep their cinematic eye honed. In today’s WiFi world with smartphones, visual communication is more important than ever. The more cinematically articulate we are, the better we can tell a meaningful story. This workshop will focus on the use of the long take where the story is told with only one continuous shot - no editing, no pausing, all in camera. A surprise topic will be given and participants will be asked to consider how the topic is personally meaningful and how it can be told cinematically. Then they will go out and shoot a 60-second film. Once back from filming, we will talk about the films - the clarity of interpretation of the theme, the missed opportunities, and the “what ifs.” I call this “Think it, Shoot it, Share it.” The more you practice it, the better your visual storytelling will be.


Day 1: Pre-production. Lecture and screening of examples of the Filmmakers Challenge. Explanation of the project. Forming teams and assigning roles. Q & A.

Day 2: Production. I will be out in the field with the participants guiding them through the filmmaking process.

Day 3: Screening and feedback. Awards ceremony.


Great for team building
Gain introductory filmmaking skills
Learn to articulate your ideas cinematically

Videos created in past Think It, Shoot It, Share It workshops:


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