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Filmmakers Challenge Workshop


This is a 7-9 day workshop for teams of filmmakers.


The Filmmakers Challenge workshop is designed to challenge filmmakers to adapt quickly, think on their feet, and work within time and schedule constraints, giving them a taste of what they would encounter in the film industry. Workshop participants form teams. On Orientation Day, teams will be given a story theme and a list of ingredients outlining the parameters their film must follow. They will be given a schedule for the number of days they are allowed to write the script, prep, film, edit, mix, and finish their film.


​Day 1: Pre-production. Lecture and screening of examples of the Filmmakers Challenge.  Explanation of the project.  Forming teams and assigning roles. Q & A.

Day 2: Pre-production continued.  Story development and screenwriting.  I will guide participants in adapting a theme into a screenplay.

Day 3: Pre-production.  Casting, shot list, floor plan, and location scouting.

Day 4-5: Production. Rehearsing and shooting.   I will move between teams to provide feedback, advice, and help resolve issues.

Day 6-7: Post-production.  Formatting, editing, sound design, music.

Day 8: Completion and exporting of finished films.

Day 9: Screening and feedback. Awards ceremony.

A 7-day version of this workshop is available with only 1 day of production and 1 day of post-production instead of 2.


Learn how to create and collaborate as a team under pressure
Become familiar with every aspect of filmmaking
Develop your ideas and articulate them in film

Videos created in past Filmmakers Challenge workshops:

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