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Drops of Water

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"Following in the footsteps of his father, Christopher is alive with new ideas, and approaches in education, the arts, and media."


Francis Ford Coppola


"Christopher gave me the confidence and wisdom I needed to think outside the box as a filmmaker along with providing the proper critique to tell the best story possible".


Nicholas Dauphinais 

Film Director/ Editor



Alain Silver


Corley Taylor

Current On-Line Student/Writer/Actress/Filmmaker

Richard Kuranda

Executive Director, Raue Center For The Arts

-Student SFAI

“Having worked closely with Christopher on six independent motion pictures and short-form reality shows over the past 20 years, I can testify to his unwavering commitment to educating others about the process of independent production and engaging the services of young associates, many of whom are just starting out.  I have also accompanied Christopher to several film festivals, where he likewise championed the opportunities that digital technology offered for emerging filmmakers.  He is both extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the independent process at all levels and uniquely dedicated to helping others learn about it."

"I have learned a lot from Professor Coppola. Working in one-on-one sessions with him gave me a personalized insight into what trajectories to take on for my career. He was able to provide great insight into my personal style as an artist. After working with him, I feel more confident as a writer, actress, and filmmaker, I would highly recommend booking a lesson with him."

"I have rarely come across the generous talent that Christopher Coppola brings to each and every endeavor.  His unstinting demands on himself tend to bring the best out of those that surround him.  A true educator, a passionate collaborator, and an all-around mensch!"

"I have rarely come across the generous talent that Christopher Coppola brings to each and every endeavor.  His unstinting demands on himself tend to bring the best out of those that surround him.  A true educator, a passionate collaborator, and an all-around mensch!"


Nick Paine







Dr. Anthony Suter

Composer/Professor of Music Composition at the University of Redlands

Professor Daisy Nystul

Chair of the UCO Theater Program, Teacher, Actress

Jim Fox

Composer/Founder of Cold Blue Records








Stephen Chao

Former President Fox Television & USA Network

Co-Founder of

“Christopher Coppola’s class is a poetry in film and a musical interpretation.”


Ouater Sand

Former Film Student/Professional Filmmaker

“I've always admired Christopher's ability to inspire new thoughts, robust dialogue, and then unique actions in the realm of filmmaking among his colleagues and students. The best teachers do this -- regardless of the student's station, they find a way to invite them to journey beyond what their comfort zone and even beyond what they expect to learn. August Coppola understood this, and so does Christopher.”

“Prof. Coppola has been a passionate and frequent mentor and collaborator to students here at the University of Redlands through several projects, residencies, and courses that he has dreamed up for us.  His ability to weave together the ideas and lessons from literature, art, film, and music-- true synthesis-- has been transformational for our students, and the connections among students from various schools and backgrounds have fostered some amazing and productive real-world projects.  A true Renaissance man, Prof. Coppola's energy, wit, vision, and craftsmanship have been a joy to learn from and work with these past fifteen years.”

“Professor Coppola’s dynamic energy is effusive.  The students were fully engaged and inspired by “Think It, Shoot It, Share It.”  It was definitely a highlight of the semester!”  Thank you so much, Christopher for your kindness and generosity."

"Christopher is a director with a particularly strong knowledge of and love of music, especially late Romantic period and early 20th-century Western orchestral music. A university-trained composer and percussionist in his younger years, he can speak about music with a distinct insider’s familiarity. And he’s able to communicate his musical thoughts to the composers he works with, as well as the students he works with, with a great deal of enthusiasm and insight.”

Christopher imposes an energy and enthusiasm on his work that is impossible to ignore. Over the course of multiple directorial episodes of America's Most Wanted, he insisted on integrating humor, homages, and Christopher-ness into very complex criminal case studies. And remarkably, he succeeded without disrupting the essence of the show. Go, Christopher!

Black Background






Nona Haydon

Former Student/Professional Film Producer/Editor/Write

Torsten Neumann

Founder/Director, Oldenburg International Film Festival

Tom Lynch

President/Tom Lynch Co., Creator of "Tween Entertainment."

Michele Dioma 

Director of International Film Festivals and Filmmaker

Jeremy Morgan 

Associate professor of painting (retired 2022)

Visiting professor of Art , Shanghai Academy of Fine Art 

"Christopher Coppola is an extremely knowledgeable, insightful, creative and enthusiastic teacher. Drawing from nearly four decades of industry experience and being a part of a film family dynasty, he offers a one-of-a-kind perspective on filmmaking that he generously shares with his students.  I never thought that I would have been capable of achieving the level of skills that I learned while working with Christopher.  Being his student was truly an inspiring experience."

"Christopher Coppola's approach to filmmaking in times of a digital revolution has proven to be visionary, and his way of combining the teaching of new techniques with the art of storytelling is unique."

"Christopher Coppola has always been a social visionary. In his directing, producing, and writing, he has always kept humanity at its center.  Interesting stories, innovative ways of telling them, and making those techniques accessible to the mass market is the kind of thinking the arts and society need more of.  Bravo Christopher!"

"When I think of Professor Christopher Coppola's teaching method the song "Mr. Tambournie Man" by Bob Dylan comes to mind. I had the honor of teaching a class on Neorealism with Christopher that lasted a few months. Each lesson was an opportunity to live an experience firstly of spiritual growth and then of cultural training. The two are never separated in Christopher's teaching method approach. At the beginning of each class, my reflection was "Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man (Christopher), play a song for me..." The students, but also me as a co-teacher, were actively involved. Christopher has a method that recalls Socrates' maieutic, he helps give his students to give birth to their ideas. Very often teachers believe that their only role is to provide cultural information to their students, applying a "cold" method that resembles the drug information leaflets. The result is that students will have good preparation, but they will not be ready to produce new ideas, because they won't have the ability to self-analyze. The risk doesn't exist with Christopher and it is for this reason that I believe that his method can be very useful to a society that wants to evolve through human beings capable of dreaming"

“A colleague’s perspective Christopher is both a colleague and my friend! Christopher first and foremost is an artist and very much a family man and very much committed to the sharing of creative thinking with those whom he interacts with. Outside of family film is passion!  Films' basic essence beyond narrative or drama is the exploration of time (the Chronicles of being) space wherein time and psyche are interwoven by light in time by becoming the repository for the sometimes unspeakable or as a visual poetic counterpoint to language. Christopher is a teacher who through collaboration elicits multiple levels of talent in the collective experience. His enthusiasm passion and tacit belief in the significance of the creative process inform all of what he does. His encyclopedic intelligence is a wondrous well upon which he draws to great effect. Christopher has a generosity of spirit both as a creator and collaborator, he listens and explores ideas lucidly and with great enthusiasm. He has the capacity to galvanize and focus attention relating to projects in terms of ideas. He is an exemplary example of a committed and serious individual as one who believes in the power of ART to ignite the imagination!  I have the highest regard for him as a human being as an artist and as a teacher!!! I am grateful for our friendship.”

“Christopher Coppola understands the art and science of film like few others. If you’re serious about learning the craft or need a push to complete a project, look no further.” 


Thor Anderson

Documentary Filmmaker/Professor


Jeff Gunderson

Art Historian/Archivist

Sae Long Yee

Former Student/Filmmaker/Producer at

"Christopher Coppola is a filmmakers' filmmaker. He studied with an array of outstanding avant-garde and unique film artists including Gunvor Nelson, Ernie Gehr, and Lawrence Jordan while his mentor and life-long inspiration was the noted genius filmmaker, George Kuchar.  Coppola is a natural director, producer, actor, screenwriter, film historian, and teacher--a teacher who always meets the student where they are and does great work to assist in their development as a filmmaker and artist, encouraging their vision and developing their expertise. One of Coppola's other very key talents is his training as a musician which goes hand in hand with his skills as a teacher and filmmaker."

“My experience in Professor Coppola’s courses was instrumental in shaping who I am today. His challenging assignments prepared me for the rigorous production system in California. Outside of film classes, my passion for filmmaking was rewarded at screenings. Most important, I learned a strong sense of self as a filmmaker and the value of persistence.”

"Christopher Coppola is a true evangelist who we should all sit up and pay attention to if we want to get the most of our digital devices and technology"


Stanley E. Hubbard

Chairman & CEO, Reelz Channel



Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder & CEO

Cinequest and Creatics Enterprises


“Christopher Coppola is a true maverick film and media maker and educator who brings his visions and those of others onto the screen via innovative means. Christopher’s gifts expand from his artistry to the empowerment of others. He knows how to realize movies and tell outstanding stories, and he has a fantastic gift of helping youth and emerging artists do the same. He does all of this with an inspiring energy, originality, and goodness of the heart.”

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